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33-57 Prince Street

February 3, 2012

In 1886, on Prince Street between W. Orange  and W. Grant there were 13 addresses assigned to the buildings. On The corner of W. Grant was J.W. Duttenhofer. This was a prosperous Leaf Tobacco Warehouse. Lancaster County has been recorded as being a great place for its botany, specifically in the leaf tobacco industry. While this is one of the only stores listed within the blocks, the block remains unchanged through 1941. All buildings within the blueprints are exactly the same, with the same walls and stories.

Interestingly, in present day, buildings 33-45 have been demolished while 47-57 remain the same. Where we parked our van was where the leaf tobacco warehouse once was. The last building, 47 Prince Street is now a mexican restaurant. Beyond that is pure parking lot. Although this is disappointing, it is interesting to see how much Prince street has changed, knowing that there was once a known warehouse on the corner which has transformed to just an empty lot with lines.