Windrim & Urban Correspondence – Week Four


Objectives – To analyze the venustas of the Windrim designed Lancaster Municipal Building.

Summary – I visited the site of the Lancaster Municipal Building this week and took a few photographs with my phone. I noticed the intricate masonry work and the beautiful venustas on the front of the building. The key area that I focused on was the arched windows next to the main entrance way. The stonework is original and was put in during construction. I noticed the windows and the stone patterns immediately upon examining the building. There is the same white tile on the front of the building that we have seen consistently used by Urban on other buildings in Lancaster. It can be inferred that Urban was copying Windrim’s style with the white tile facade. These round arches also serve a functional purpose by bearing weight of the structure above it. The pillars they are built on are also bearing the weight of the building. Not only was this building built with utilitas in mind (first Post Office in Lancaster) but clearly Windrim and Urban felt it necessary to beautify the building. It must have really stood out amongst its neighboring buildings in the 1890’s because it continues to emanate power and respect to those who see it today. I made a sketch up of the windows and included a few of the digital pictures from my phone.

Photographs –   

This is my sketch up design of the arched windows flanking the main entrance.



A few pictures taken from across the street of the Municipal Building.



An up close photograph of the arched windows. Notice the detailed masonry work.



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