Week 4


The week I worked on the Kirk Johnson Building. This building was constructed in 1912 as the house for Kirk Johnson Music story. The façade is beautifully constructed in the beaux- arts style using exquisite materials. There are white tile columns that sit upon cut- stone. There is a mansard roof that is finished with copper- clad.

drawing of the storefront

Bottom: The storefront of this building features some beautiful glasswork. The glass panel on the top of the storefront has a repeating pattern. The glass windows are also designed to reflect a repeating pattern. Above the storefront are wave engravings, a beaux- arts staple. And finally, there is the original “Kirk Johnson & Co” signage.

middle section of the building

Middle: The middle section has a very light and airy look, due to the 3 story glass windows that cover most of it. On the sides of these windows are white tile columns. The windows feature a metal pattern design.

beaux-arts designs on the roof

Roof: The roof of this building is completely done in the beaux- arts style. There are copious amounts of ceramic decorations. There are two cartouches surrounded by classic designs. There are also many repeating geometric designs. The copper- clad mansard roof is a reflection of the French Revival style that was also incorporated in the buildings design.

elevation drawing


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