Week 4 Research- Separate Archive Info.


For the duration of the fourth week blog entry, I spent most of my time in the Archive Special Collections researching the two different firms I have been assigned for my final project, York & Sawyer and McKim Mead & White. Most of my time spent during this research section of the project was retrieving the documentation of the two architectural firms which are located in the University of Penn’s Archive Collection.  Today, on 4/6/2010 Tom paced through the University of Penn’s archive and the University of Columbia’s Archive to find some background and valid information of these two major firms located in New York City. Later in my research, I found out I would not be able to recover these documentations of these architectural companies until the following week, which would give Tom or Mike time to call the Archival centers, granting me access to these documents at these two separate universities.

My second objective during the fourth week of my research was to acquire some architectural work from both of these architectural firms and link the relevance of their work back to the Brunswick Hotel which is the main focus of my final research project.

York & Sawyer:

York and Sawyer were predominantly a Beaux-art architectural organization. The business was run by a partnership of two men, Edward York and Philip Sawyer. In 1898 both of these men established their business in New York City and began to become known for many of their outstanding structures. At the time, York & Sawyer became very popular in the construction of hospitals and banks. Both of these men trained in McKim, Mead and White.


The Former headquarters of the Brooklyn Headquarters:


McKim, Mead & White:

This was one of the most prominent architectural videos in the twentieth century.  The architectural firm has three partners who were Charles Mckim, William Mead and Stanford White. This specific firm was major training grounds for prominent architects, designers and draftsmen.




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