Week Four Research (3-D Model Of the I-Beam Ornament)


Week Four Research Project:


This week I was able to go to the preservation trust and view architect’s drawings of the Brunswick hotel.  This allowed me to understand I-beam placement and its effect on the the outside of a building


Originally when I arrived at the preservation trust my goal was to understand the generally structure, but as I started to look closer at the details for the ornaments and how they fit into the structure, I began to become very interested in the structure of the buildings but specially how Iron beams are placed to allow for optimum decoration on buildings

Main Points:

To understand this better and to be able to place the complexity of the I-beams use into my head I made a 3-D model to insure that this complex arrangement of structure and beauty was and will be preserved.  It may also prove useful to other class mates, this is because the piece that I choose to model is repeated throughout the building many times and has a consistent build to my 3-D model.


3-D Model Shows the front and how a simply pedestrian would view the building

3-D SIde View




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