Week Three – Windrim and Urban Correspondence


Week Three

This week I went to Martin Library specifically to the Archives and Special Collections to review the Sanborn maps of Lancaster. I used the map from 1891 and 1897 to give the letters of correspondence between Windrim and Urban some physical context. On the 1891 Sanborn map the Lancaster Municipal building was not existent but on the 1897 map it was present. The maps are not detailed enough to reveal the construction of sidewalks or other minute details. I was hoping to use the maps to discuss the various points of interest from Windrim’s letters. Details such as the addition of gas lines and the size and location of curbs were not clear on the maps. I focused on just these two maps because the following two maps after that are unrelated to Windrim and Urban’s professional relationship.  

I was able to locate a few photos during which time the building next to the Municipal Building was being constructed. In these photos one can see a few details of the Lancaster Municipal building including the sidewalks, the masonry details, and landscaping. On October 22nd 1889 Windrim pens a letter to Urban giving him permission to remove two trees from the sidewalk. These trees can be seen in the pictures along with the meticulous curbs that Windrim requested of Urban. “Maine granite curbing six (6) inches wide on top and averaging two (2) feet deep, good axed work, including return stone on Marion Street, and the removal of two large trees, etc.,” is an excerpt from the letter on the 22nd.


This is the 1891 Sanborn Map


This is the 1897 Sanborn Map


This is one the photos taken from the HABS site.Image



In this picture one can clearly see the trees out front and take notice of the curbing.



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