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Having switched what I am doing for my final project I was somewhat behind and confused on how I should go about conducting my research. Two weeks ago I focused on the background of Emlen Urban and the Brunswick hotel. However, this made no progress in actually recreating and analyzing the primary architecture documents of the building. After meeting with Prof. Kourelis Friday, I found the path I want to go with my project and took this weekend to focus on analyzing the blueprints of the Brunswick. I took one of the main floors “typical floor with rooms” and analyzed this floor plan. After doing so I made my own re-creation of the floor plan to scale on an 9 by 12 piece of drawing paper.

From here I plan to use this re-creation to make a 3 dimensional model on google sketch up. Now that I have a hard copy of the document and the scale and size of building I will be able to proceed to the modeling step. Additionally, I will follow this same process and re-draw to scale the floor model of the basement, dining room, and any other floors that are different from this typical living/multiple room floor.


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