Architectural Drawings (N. Queen St.) Week 3


Last week I traveled to the Lancaster Historic Society in search of images of North Queen Street throughout the 20th. Century.  The assortment of images I was able to collect include the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd streets of N. Queen Street.  The dates of the photographs date form the 1880’s-1920’s.  I plan on making technical sketches of these images to better help my observations of modern day North Queen Street.  I will later discuss the differences between technical and mechanical drafting and how it pertains to my research.


The Washington Hotel, 1887-1892, was located in the present Lancaster Storage Company site in 300 block of North Queen Street.


Stores on west side of the first block of North Queen Street


Groff and Wolff men’s clothing store, North Queen Street


2nd block, showing Wilbur & Martin Shoe Co., Barr’s Flowers, Carlson Hats, Hanover Shoe Co., and 105 Golde Clothes Shop



Drafting Techniques

Technical Drawings

Technical Sketches are used during the development of preliminary plans and ideas.  These quick sketches help convey design ideas to others.  Technical drawings are made without mechanical aid, like t-squares, compasses, or other forms of architectural drafting. In regards to my work, I will base most of my conclusions on technical sketches I will make.

Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical drafting is a refined style of drawing with t-square, straightedges, compasses, triangles, and French curves.


The paper size will be A (letter size 8.5×11) and B (tabloid 11×17)




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