third week of research



This week I looked at two other books (3/27). Campus by Paul Turner and Liberlizing The Mind (a book commissioned by the school which highlights campus history). I also looked at the cornerstone laying speech by the president of the board and at the meeting minutes of the board of trustees for the commission of the building (both found at archives)

From Campus I was able to get details on the collegiate Beaux art style

Columbian exposition in Chicago-1983

  • Was thought to be well suited to express the character of the new educational institution
  • Cities of learning (campus)
  • Beaux art tradition put great emphasis on city planning

Campus thought of as a city

  • Benefactors (THINK BAER- A ROBBER BARON- president of the board of trustees)
  • Considered these buildings monuments of self
  • Wanted architectural grandeur and monumentality typical of beaux arts

Also caused disunity

  • A single benefactor wanting a single building could cause the building to be a completely different style

Liberlizing The Mind

Prescience building environment

  • Starting to move away from entirely classical teaching
  • They went attracting a decent sized student body with the current curriculum
  • Offering advanced science courses and electives now

Science building

  • Needed badly
  • Chemistry laboratories added at the beginning of the decade were unabal to comadate additional courses and students
  • Biology classes had to meet in a regular lecture room
  • Anatomy was done in the cellur of the college building
  • Difficulty making the money
  • Decided to put it on Harbaugh halls site
  • One of the highest points on campus
  • Anything else would ruin the flow with other buildings
  • C. Emlen Urban was selected out of 8 archetects

End of apples 25 year presidency (post building environment)

  • Substancial growth
  • 9 new buildings
  • threefold increase in enrolment
  • 5x more endowment
  • moved towards progressive ethos of efficiency and liberal Christianity
  • ties started to break with theologogical seminary
  • college spirit
  • football

proceedings of the board of trustees:

Page 1

States there has been a need for a science building and there is now the money for it

The building will replace Harbaugh Hall’s location

Although the previous building is historic it is outdated as well

Second meeting

  • Dr stahr and proffessors Kershner and Schiedt made up skeleton plans
  • Sent these plans to archatechts to draw up competitive designs
  • Third meeting
  • Plans from eight archatects are reviewed (perspective floor and ground drawings)
  • C. Emlen Urban
  • J. H. Warner
  • D. Rottenberger
  • W.H. Bretherick
  • A. H Smith
  • A. B. Jennings
  • Otter

Fourth meeting

  • Debated plans

Fifth meeting

  • Debated plans
  • Decided to place the building parrellel to college ave so that the soft northern light would hit the laboratories

Sixth meeting

  • All designs were rejected
  • Urban was asked to make a new design to meet the views of the joint commitie

Seventh meeting

  • Two new urban designs submitted
  • Urban was there
  • Gave info on design material and cost
  • One of the two designs was unanomasily adopted

Eighth meeting

  • Boring logistics

9th meeting

  • builders bids reviewed



The Baer’s speech didn’t give too much information except in that it highlighted his personality and how that could have pointed in the Beaux Arts style. It was essentially a pretty speech.

I also collected all the pictures that I could and will upload those tomarow in a separate post.

Next week I don’t know exactly what step I will take. I plan to sit down with Dr. K and get an idea as to what he thinks. The primary and secondary sources are dwindling and I basically have only left to look at the Orriflame. I am thinking of emailing campus administration to get some information on their perspective of campus history.


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