Week One Research


In my first initial week of research, I finalized my Lancaster block of choice, continuing and expanding on a block I had previously remolded from an earlier project.  I chose to recreate North Queen street, remodeling the 1929 versions of buildings 1-68.  Using the 1927-1928 directories and colored scans of the 1929 Sandborn maps from the Martin library archives, I was able to determine the Utilitas and a bit of the Firmitas of a most of buildings.

The directories were a significant source to use when trying to determine the function of each building.  Searching through pages of names, addresses and advertisements allowed me to acquire valuable information that helped me put together a small piece of 1929.

North Queen Street

Buildings:  2-66 Even


  • Stripped to make way for the Griest building that was built in 1924.


  • Griest Building historic skyscraper and the second tallest building in Lancaster, built in 1924- 1925 by C. Emlen Urban.  It is a fourteen story building, made of Stone, Steel and concrete.  It is considered a “beaux arts/classical revival office building,” and was built to house the Conestoga Traction Company, the Edison Electric Company and the Lancaster Gas Light and Fuel Company (466).
  • The outer skin is predominantly made of Indiana Limestone with a granite base.  The interior spaces have been altered over the years


  • Kay Jewelry
  • the ornamentation on the store front was removed


  • n/a
  • original storefront was replaced


  • Erisan the Costumer
  • Shaub shoe store.
  • 20 ½ -Leah Reinoehl: Dressmaker


  • Fields Clothing
  • Marble added to the storefront


  • Groff & Wolf Co:  clothing store
  • reinforced with iron posts


  • n/a
  • Flats on floors 3-5 (apartments)


  • The Lancaster Trust Company


  • Weber Diamonds


  • Reilly Bro’s & Raub Wholesale & Retail Hardware


  • Lancaster Business College (59)
  • Zooks* -John B. Hartman

52:  n/a

54 – 56

  • Ivan Rohrer:  Contractor
  • Harry Shor: Dentist
  • JA & Miller Co Drug store
  • Parking garage in back


  • United Cigar Stores Co.


  • Gansman Adolph: Clothing
  • Frank Stevens: Dentist

Buildings:  1-65 odd

North Queen

Buildings:  1-65 odd


  • Fulton National Bank
  • 3:  Clayton Phillips
  • 5:  Heidelbaugh Coal

15:  n/a

21-27: Woolworth Building


  • Louis K Liggett Co:  Drugs
  • Cement floor

35-37:  n/a

39-41:  n/a

43 :  n/a


  • Leinback & Co:  Department Store
  • Floor 2-4: Offices


  • Nixdorf & Bard
  • Knesgess Co


  • WM. O Frailey:  Druggists
  • 59:  Darmstaetter’s Photography

63-65:  n/a


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