second week of research


This past week I have been collecting background knowledge on my topic of the new science building. I have been reading two books, Campus Planning by R.P. Dober and Campus Heritage by R.P. Dober. The major themes that I have seen are the need for tradition pattern and history in campus planning. Dober talks a lot about  style as legacy/traditionand I am starting to get an idea as to what is nessicary to create a flow in a campus:

After talking to the librarians in special collections I learned a little about R. P. Dober himself. He is essentially the authority on campus architecture and I plan to follow more of his work.

R.P Dober’s book, Campus Heritage was extremely helpful in learning about campus style. He categorized the different styles of architecture and talked about the implications they have in institutuional connections to annectodotes, values, and culture.

Collegiate (colonial revival) Georgian

  • Flagships campuses to colonial America
  • This style often causes a dichotomy with the inside outside in science buildings. The buildings typically have a contemporary inside and a traditional exterior. I believe this would hold true in Beaux Arts aswell. Looking at the pictures of the new science building I have noted a significant contrast. The labs are state of the art and the exterior is classic. The one notable ecteption are the lecture halls wich had Beaux Arts chairs. (pictures will be uploaded later)
  • Democratic values

Gothic revival

  • Medieval roots of English higher education
  • Connected buildings and closed quadrangles
  • Said to inspire renewal of intellectual life that was spiritual sacerdotal and seasoned by tradition

Beaux arts classism

  • Epical nationhood

This coming week I will look at  Campus by Paul Turner and Liberlizing The Mind (a book commissioned by the school which highlights campus history) and more at the particularities of science buildings and the history of the new science building itself. I also will dive more into the primary sources. If I have time I will get an idea of the cost of the building as this was a huge issue.


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