Library research


Now that I have explored many of Emlen Urban’s architectural documents and settled on one specific building, The Brunswick Hotel, I am now able to focus on and gather historical information on both the architect and the building. To begin my search I went to the special collections section of Martin library in order to find accurate information on both Emlen Urban and the Brunswick Hotel.

C. Emlen Urban was one of the most prominent figures in the shaping of how Lancaster now. Urban from the last part of the 19th century through the first few decades of the 20th century, No one had a bigger impact on Lancaster’s architecture than Urban. Urban didn’t limit his talents to large commercial buildings. Additionally, He used his talents in the development of residences, schools, churches, hospitals, and the only standing skyscraper in Lancaster City. Emlen Urban was the most significant architect in Lancaster during this time. Using diverse styles incorporating beaux-arts, Queen Annes, and colonial revival, his work helped to bridge a period between the Victorian era and the modern era.

One of Emlen Urban’s most significant structures, which is no longer standing, was the famous Brunswick Hotel. Sitting at the Northeast corner of North Queen and East Chestnut, right next to the YMCA, the Brunswick hotel was demolished in July 1965. This was not the first time the building had been destroyed. First built in the late 1800s, the building was demolished in the first decade of the 1900s in order for Urban to recreate the building in his famous style. Under Urban’s design and plan, the Eight-story Brunswick Hotel was built in two stages. First, a seven-bay western portion was completed in 1915 and a complementary eastern portion was finished in 1920. Urban employed his signature Beaux Arts style to the building. Additionally he used rusticated stone on the ground floors, carved keystones and window lintels along with decorative cartouches lined the eighth floor cornice. The Brunswick was a hotel of beauty and Lancaster’s finest luxury hotel. Unfortunately, The Brunswick hotel was again destroyed in 1966 and Emlen Urbans design crashed to the ground. The new construction was suppose to be one of a new modern era. However, the aesthetic beauty will never compare to Emlen Urbans design of the Brunswick.

Special Collections:

Lancaster’s Architectural Heritage,,browse.asp?a=869. To Build Strong and Substantial.

Our Present Past (Historical blurbs on all of the architectural buildings in lancaster since the late 1800s.)

Now and Forward

From here into next week I will begin to focus on analyzing the construction of the Brunswick. Originally I analyzed the documents to choose which one I wanted to pursue. Now that I have background and historical Information, I was shift my focus to analyzing the Brunswick and begin creating my 3 dimensional model of the building. Next week I will be much more involved at the preservation trust rather than being hung up in the library.


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