Research Proposal


The change in ownership of the building space brought about changes aesthetically and structurally.

With several changes in ownership came several changes with the appearance of the exterior and interior of a building. Over the passed century (1900s – 2000s), the following buildings have transformed with a change in socio-economic factors. Buildings are a way to understand our history and culture. Additionally, these structures go through physical changes which have been captured by sources like; Sanborn Maps, blueprints and architectural drawings. With the help of ‘Google Sketch up’, I would like develop a three- dimensional rendering, to explore the interdependence of the Vitruvian triad in the following block.

Main Idea:

To make the viewer of the rendering experience the transformation of the building program over three time periods; 1886,1926, 2012.


-3D rendering of building block (N. Market Street, W. Orange Street and N. Queen Street)

-Rendering developed over three time periods – 1886, 1926 and 2012 (present)

-With the help of Sanborn maps and blue prints from the Lancaster Historical Society, I can decipher how the change in the utilitas changed the buildings firmitas. (eg: wall partitions, number of rooms and so on)

-In the same way, through the help of photographic evidence of the block, I want to decipher how the change in the buildings utilitas changed the buildings venustas. This change is usually visible on the first floor of the building.

As I delve into the problem of deciphering the interdependence of the Vitruvian triad in the real world, I will also need to look at the assemblage of materials; materials used, added and subtracted. The materials used can be found in the reference key of the Sanborn insurance maps. Additionally, the materials visible on the exterior of the building would have transformed over the years, further making it possible to visualize the interdependence of utilitas, venustas and firmitas.

The Sanborn maps also help in overall dimensions of the following buildings. This will help me create three-dimensional renderings of each building with accurate measurements giving the viewer a feel of the actual scale of the building.


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