Lancaster Exhibition Building- Lancaster County Fair Association/ Brunswick Hotel Elevation Plans


Refined Research Topic after visiting The Lancaster Preservation Trust:

This week I made my first appearance to The Lancaster Preservation Trust, I was able to scan through many different building in Lancaster, floor plans, directional shots of each building, and also maps of the dimensions of each building. The first building I found most interesting by C. Emlen Urban was his construction of The Exhibition Building for the Lancaster County Fair Association. After flipping through many drawings, I acquired the floor plan, longitudinal section, side sections C and D, the South side elevation and the West end elevation of the building. After recovering these drawings after my first visit to the Preservation Trust, I will now identify the how Beaux- Art architecture is incorporated in to the Lancaster Exhibition Building as well as the Brunswick Hotel.

Below is the Beaux Art Architecture in each of the drawing analyzed:

Lancaster Exhibition Building-Lancaster County Fair Association- Longitudinal Section, C. Emlen Urban

  1. First indication of Beaux Art style is the consistent trabeated structure in the foundation of the building, not including the doorways or window wells.
  2. Beaux Art contains columns as we see in the longitudinal section supporting the 3×8 rafters and the upper window structure.
  3. Building appears to be symmetrical
  4. Flat roof structure which enables support of flag pole.
  5. The Lancaster Exhibition Building has a raised first story where most activity takes place.
  6. Beaux Art requires multi story buildings which the Lancaster Exhibition Building requires.
  7. The Arched windows and doorways are found on the C-C side section of the Lancaster Exhibition Building.
  8. The D-D section of the building, which is the opposite of the C-C section, does not incorporate arched windows or doorways.

Lancaster Exhibition Building-Lancaster County Fair Association- South End Elevation, C. Emlen Urban

  1. South Side Elevation doorway area represents most of the Beaux Art architecture on this elevation of the building.
  2. Arched structure canopying over the doorway area (function-> cover from weather conditions).
  3. Arched soffit structure above arched doorway structure (function -> propel water away from standing area).
  4. South side elevation drawing represents symmetrical building structure as well.
  5. This elevation also has an elevated first story (function-> building traffic and public activity).
  6. The elevation also demonstrates a multi story structure.
  7. Middle addition of this elevation also has  a flat roof structure.
  8. Both ends of this elevation disobey the Beaux Art structure because they contain angular roof structures.
  9. However, both end additions to contain arched window and doorway structures with incorporates the Beaux Art architecture of these sections of the elevation plan.

Lancaster Exhibition Building- Lancaster County Fair Association- West End Elevation, C. Emlen Urban

  1. Condensed blueprint of the Lancaster Exhibition Building
  2. Arched roof structure, and soffits incorporates the Beaux Art Structure of the middle section of the building.
  3. Circular Window Structure above the arched doorway is also a familiar concept in Beaux Art architecture.
  4. Arched concrete structure over arches doorway (function-> decoration purposes).
  5. Raised first story, also incorporates multi stories on this elevation map.
  6. Both side section of this elevation plan incorporate Beaux Art architecture by constructing arched doorways, and repeated arched window structure in both sections.
  7. End sections disobey Beaux Art structure, use angular roof structure rather than flat roof structure.
  8. The dome/pavilion top portion is also very relevant in Beaux Art structuring of building.
  9. The middle section of the elevation map also disobeys the Beaux Art structure by using angular roof structure on the elevated first story as well as the multiple stories above.

Lancaster Exhibition Building-Lancaster County Fair Association- Floor Plan, C. Emlen Urban

(May not need, but shows dimension/ materials used for the building)

  1. 3×8 rafters, top and bottom of elevation.
  2. In between each set of rafters lies a repeated section of trabeated structured windows.
  3. Base platform uses pillars to support the rafter and window structure in the stories above.
  4. Concrete footing to support a strong foundationà Cement floor plan for sufficient surface.

Lancaster Brunswick Hotel Elevation Plan Drawing

  1. Arced doorway structureà elevates first story for hotel guest traffic.
  2. Incorporates Beaux Art multi story concept (functionà expanded rooms for guests).
  3. Incorporates Beaux Art flat roof-like structure.
  4. Uses trabeated window structure halfway up the elevation of the building (Middle Class Rooms).
  5. Top portion of the Brunswick incorporates arched window structure revealing the Beaux Art structure. Arched window structure demonstrates dominance (Upper Class Rooms).
  6.   Soffit incorporated on the flat roof structure, extended outwards from building, acts as a canopy to propel water away from the doorway below.

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