Klein Reading


Between the years of 1981 and 1911, the historical city of Lancaster went through several stages of massive reconstruction. Originally, Lancaster was a small city that not many people relatively heard of, soon after, Lancaster became a city known for its steam and steal way of living. The city itself was rapidly gorwing in population and industry as well. In the early 20th century, many businesses in Lancaster were expanding at rates never seen by the citizens of Lancaster before. A prime example from the text focuses on the rapid growth of the Krieder and other shoe manufacturers who went from producing a low of 200 shoes to a booming 2500 pairs of shoes a day. The United States economic status at this time also catered theses manufactures to a lot of their success. With the rapid rates of inflation, theses businesses needed more room for the function and operation in order to survive in the industrialized world. In result, the owners of these shoe manufacturers businesses suggested a more sufficient form of utilitas so the companies in Lancaster were able to fulfill their function. .

Also at this time, factories became the centralized focus of the city of Lancaster. Industries that put these manufactures on the map were wood, iron and linoleum producing firms. The growth and expansion of most of these industrialized companies was a result of the steady population growth in the city of Lancaster Also, a select few of these buildings functioned as stores, office buildings and residential spaces. Lancaster was high in demand for architects at this time because of the booming in business revenue and the population pouring into the city of Lancaster. The advancements we see in the city of Lancaster taking place in these readings took place in the building we see in the city of Lancaster today.


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