Frederic Klein


Frederic Klein’s unique point of view of Lancaster through his reading is truly amazing.  Klein’s main assertion in his reading piece was that the development and advancement of the city of Lancaster and the way it operate will have major affect on the culture as a whole and alter the way people from Lancaster construct their daily lifestyle. During the time of Fredric Klein, the population of traditional Lancaster became consumerist and began to spend masses amount of money. During this time of several technological advancements, more consumerist stores were being constructed for the people to spend most of their time in shopping in. The trend of new stores and new technology, Lancaster began to skyrocket through the economy at this specific time. As we have studied, much of the money that has been incorporated into the city has been in the beautiful architecture of the buildings. The constant cycle of consumerism enabled the city to construct architectural designs such as the ones we have seen in Lancaster ourselves. Also, due to the economic boom taking place in Lancaster, many backs began to open for the general public to secure their money in these massive architectural developments ensuring safety.

Obviously, when people have money at hand they are able to spend causing advertisement to spread throughout the city of Lancaster. Marketing of any product during this time influenced consumerism because many people of the city wanted the next best thing when they saw it outside in the general public.  During this time of consumerism and spending money, Fredric Klein noticed the unusual boom in the economy after cars began to detour through Lancaster. Everyone who lived in the town around this time was dreaming of having an automobile to make life tasks that much easier. Since there was an initial boom in this market, Fredric Klein believed that the popularity of the car would force people to work harder so they would be able to achieve what they wished for. Klein though the rapid chain of working labor would continue to boom the economy.


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