Historical Issues


In hearing Frederic Klein’s point of view of Lancaster in his time, he makes clear the important issues that the growth of the city had on the people and the culture. One of the main issues facing people in  Lancaster was the increase in consumerism and the spending of money. As the technology increased, more convenient stores and department stores were constructed. This created more jobs for people in the city and thus ultimately lead to more money being spent in the newly developed stores. This trend caused an economic boom in Lancaster during this time. Additionally, while more money was being spent, as we have seen in the buildings we have observed, many banks were first brought into play around this time. With the increase in jobs, and increase in consumerism, there was additionally an increase in saving. Many banks were introduced at this time and many people of the city took advantage of the opportunity to save in these institutions. Following up on consumerism and issue of spending money, Advertisement became very popular around this time. Advertising became a problem as it influenced consumerism and the spending of money. Additionally, around this time, Klein saw the first cars in Lancaster and noticed their boom. Everyone in the town wanted to have one of these new machines and continuation of spending money and working more only lead to a more rapid economic boom. If I am correct I remember Klein saying if the growth of the city would have continued its growth the population today would be 1 million.


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