Venustas (West King Street)


The venustas of this building seems to very modern of redone relatively recently.  The building façade is created both with concrete front that has a grey hue to its appearance.  Yet, the roof of the building keeps with the C. Emblen Urban style, and although at first glance it may look very typical of a street building the design put into the gutter system and frame work is excellent example of a mix of both European and modern American look.

This building is a very typical C. Emlen Urban building.  The front is lined with bricks much like our college, Franklin and Marshall.  Yet, with these bricks is a European type style that adds, like the pervious building, both the American culture and European styles together to form a new style for that time period.  The windows of this building also add to this affective especially the wood stylistic pieces that allow for a very classical look to the building.  Another future that had to be added recently is the addition of 5 lights that shine upon the building during the night to enhance the beauty of the venustas of this architectural piece.

The architectural plan for this building most have been very similar, almost a duplication of the first building discussed in this post.  Yet this building does have minute differences in both hue of the front of the building and also the wood frames around the windows.  Again, like most buildings on this block,  it mixes both an American style with a European effect.  This building has also completely been revamped on the bottom with both a modern entry to the building and an atypical roof over the door into the store.

The style on this building unlike all the others takes on a mostly older American architectural style that is projected from the ground floor of the building through the roof.  Yet, it does maintain some of C. Emlen Urban traits, such as a bricked front and yet unlike the other buildings it lacks the stylistic patterns around the frames of the windows and the roof.  Also like many of the pervious buildings, the front looks like it has been refinished and changed to fit in better with the current style implemented in the city.

Clearly this building was menat to stand out with its gold like appearance to both highlights the building and provides more attraction towards it.  This building was personally my favorite, its ventustas can tell any viewer that this was meant to be an important building that all where meant to view.  Although it is very hard to determine if the clock on this building is a refinished effect it seems to add another feature to the building and again highlight its depth.  The use of bricks is commonly shown, that has been seen in all the other buildings before.  Another common feature is its stylistic roof and windows, which add a European style architectural construction

Although this building is very small it plays a very important role in letting the viewer understand the venustas of buildings.  It seems to be the building that remained the most unchanged.  If one were to view the windows on the top portion of the door these seem to be very similar to what we would expect back in the creation of this building.  Also like all other C. Emlen Urban buildings, this one has a wood façade near the storefront windows and as one moves up the building more and more brick inhibit the façade.  Again both American styles are mixed within European classical styles.

This building is the most typical type of style one might see C. Emlen Urban use. It combines like most of his buildings the classical style with the American style of that time period.  He also adds a wooden façade to the store front with a white hue.  This is meant to attract customers in and allow for more business.  Also the frames not only tell one about style of the building but also highlight the building while adding more color to the brick backdrop that C. Emlen is known for.

The Steinman Hardware building is uncanny to great main that is located on Franklin and Marshalls campus.   Its brick columns and façade make it very similar to old main.  Although it may not reach to the heights or old main it represent a very similar architectural style implemented. Unlike the other building on this block though its storefront use a concrete stone façade and the window do not show a European style, rather they just add to highlight the building.

This building looks to be restored completely.  One can tell form the brick style and the hue of the building that it was built recently.  Yet it does keep in line with C. Emlen Urban’s style.  It has both a brick façade and shop windows that have wooden stylistic frames that are meant to both be attractive and resemble some European style.

This building is one of a few styles that are implemented in Lancaster that use pure European style to define itself.   This building is has a façade slated with stones and contrite stores front, it appears like its function could be  bank.  The roof also adds to the stylistic, because of the age off the roof the copper has turned green and added a very classical look to the street because of the oxidation of copper.

This building façade reminds one of a very governmental building.  It has both pillars and a poured contrete base.  It also has a bold frame around the windows, which remind one of a very Greek style of architectural.  ALhtough this may not have been built in the time period of the other it does feature a very American governmental building style with its classical architectural.

Harold’s building is both a mix of a very classical style but still a mix of C. Emlen Urban style it combines both arches, classical styles, a stone façade, and finally a brick outline.  This building is truly to culmination of C. Emlen’s work which perfectly combines the art of the classics with the art of the modern American lifestyle of that time period.


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