Venustas of Downtown Lancaster City block


#1-  Building one is now a citizen bank building and the structure stood in the 1921 map of Lancaster.  Its venustas is brought out through many of the buildings features such as its many symmetric windows that wrap around the entirity of the building.  Also one will see venustas right out in front of the structure where they placed a beautiful fountain with a a sculpture protruding out of it.

#2- Number two is now a Lancaster History building, but rather than change the exterior completely, they kept the first floor exterior the same as it was in 1921, evident clearly because in stone it still says “Harold’s” across the middle in memory of the previous use for this space.  Many beautiful details stick out such as the arc right above the doorway, the old classic looking lights, and the little detailed rectangles that come out of the stone structure.

#3- This is the Lancaster Sunday News building and was also part of the 1921 sequence.  Large rectangular front windows open this up to the public who walk by.  Gold trimming and black stone where the stores name sits is a different style than the rest of the buildings in this street sequence.  Lastly two gold circular clocks sit symmetrically on both sides of the building, another detailed contribution.

#4- Number four is a part of the Sunday News building, yet it stands a little more indented than its adjacent structure.  It sits atop very nice looking red stone and has a series of very tall rectangular windows that open up the inside to the public.  These windows run up all the way to the top, although the sizes vary as you go up.

#5- Like the Lancaster History building, number five has an old stone slab running across with “Kirk Johnson & CO.” inscribed on it.  This structure existed in 1921 but with a different utility.  The original first floor exterior and the newer second and third story exterior   are very different yet blend well together.  A very large square window sits in front with gold and green trimming on its detailing.  As you go up you see a nice white colored stone extending to the top.  The second and third story also have very large detailed windows running straight up the middle of the structure.

#6- Building six also existed in 1921.  It is now Envy Studio, the first floor exterior shows a gold color stone with large symmetric windows on both sides of the door.  At the top of the first story is a narrow dark strip of a softer wood like material.  The rest of the building is comprised of brick, an older style with rich detailing at the top.  Also noticeable are black star like details that run across the mid section.

#7- Like the two others before this, this building shows its adaptive reuse by portraying its original “Steinman Hardware” on the front.  Right beneath the old name is a very detailed image that expresses the phrase “Oldest Hardware Store in The United States”.  This is a beautiful, original feature of this building and expresses it importance in the City of Lancaster.  Present day it is The Pressroom Restaurant and has 4 very large windows opening up the front.  The second and third story is comprised of very old looking red brick and blue window sills.  The entire front face of the building is filled with rich trimming and other small details.

#8- The first floor is made up of a softer wood like material, painted an off white color and has two large windows on the sides of the entrance.  The second and third floor is comprised of red brick and blue shutters like the building to its left.  Above the windows are detailed sills that stick out a few inches.  Other unique moldings are shown throughout the building as well.


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