The Griest Tower



The Griest Tower is the only skyscraper in all of Lancaster City so it has a function for being so tall. As you notice, the Griest Tower has many satellite receptors on the roof of the building. The reason for these could be to provide the general public with cell phone reception or connection for their wireless devices. Also, as you can see, the building is divided into three parts. The first floor is two stories tall; this is significant because this is where most of the activity goes during the busy hours of the day. The ground level of the Griest Tower now serves as a bank to the public so the extra room on the first floor can serve as a comfortable setting for bank users. From the exterior, the middle portion of the building appears to serve as offices for the bank. The function of the offices may be for different branches of the banking system. The top portion of the Griest Tower is also a combined two stories tall. The unique arched window structure makes this section of the building standout; this room may be for someone of importance being on the top of the Griest Tower.


The firmitas of the Griest Tower is clearly visible by analyzing the exterior of the building. The bottom levels of the Griest Tower are made from Limestone; this provides a sturdy foundation for the building to sit on. At all bottom entrances of the Griest Tower there are arc shaped doorways with columns on each side giving the bottom portion of the building a Roman look. This skyscraper is also noticeably symmetrical and the structural system is trabeated. The column structures on the bottom portion of the building look to serve as support beams for the building section above. The Griest Tower is separated into three parts all in which are box structured.


The venustas of an architectural development defines the beauty of the building in all aspects of its architectural designs. There is a lot of beauty in the Limestone giving it the look of traditional Lancaster. Also, the ten foot doors with the arched doorways give the tower a Roman look. The columns next to the doorways do not only serve as support beams for the section above but for decoration as well. Even though the building is very old from its stone structure, many of the architectural designs on the doorways and windows make the building appear younger.



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