Reilly Bros & Raub



Reilly Bros & Raub is now the Central Market Mall. As a mall, this building houses many small businesses in one place.  In order to achieve this, the building follows a divisive plan, as there are many stores within the rectangular parameter of the building. The primary spaces of this building are various rooms, which serve as storefronts for businesses. The secondary spaces the hallways connecting these rooms and bathrooms. This building design is ideal for any type of commercial business, and in fact the utilitas has always been to serve as a store. The open spaces provide copious room for a store to display its products.


The building is noticeably symmetrical, thus the building was constructed symmetrically. The usage of symmetry is common to a classically designed building such as this one.  The structural system of this 4-story building is trabeated. The building’s steel frame is arranged in a typical trabeated system of posts and lintels. The façade is constructed using granite and Indiana limestone, along with a two-story glass window/wall. The roof is made of cooper, the green color today due to oxidation. There is a metal signage on the ground level reading: Reilly Bros & Raub. This signage is the original used by the Reilly Bros for their hardware store.


One of this buildings most unique and beautiful features is the two-story window wall. This window is an example of a solid-void. The divisive plan of this building creates a balanced three-dimensional solid. This building is formal because of its symmetry and entrance, which is located in the center of the façade. The extensive usage of floor-sized glass windows gives the building a light airy look. The roof of this building is flat. But, there is an elaborately designed copper cap on the roof, which adds volumes of beauty to the building. The ground level façade is made of glass surrounded by Indiana limestone. This causes the building to standout from its neighbors. There are two decorative columns on the rights and left side of the façade. These only add to the classical beauty of this building.


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