North Market Street


26 West Orange Street:

This address houses a home decor store ‘Pappagallo’ located on the intersection of west orange and north market street. The building is 3 stories high and is clearly distinguished by the use of windows. The front entrance facade of the building has been slapped on limestone on top of brick. The rest of the brick can be spotted around the back of the building. This communicates a current store inviting customers into the space. Further the entrance of the store is set back into the building creating space on the outside where the store items are displayed behind a glass. This building uses the elements of a decorated shed, i.e. it uses signage on the exterior to suggest what is inside.

51 North Market Street:

This is the neighboring building to the above one. They share a wall. However, this is a two storied building which is now a night club. Additionally, this building also uses the elements of a decorated shed with a complete white painted facade.The windows of this building are colored suggesting a fun place for people to get together for special events.

49, 43 North Market Street (44- 50 North Queen street)

This is the tallest building of the block with 5 floors. Also, the building is monochromatic characterized by brick. The building facade includes many windows on each floor. A part of building is owned by ‘oh la la creations’ on the north market side and a Caribbean restaurant on the north queen side. The entrance of the building is marked by ‘Central Market Mall’. Further the building has no classical references. The enormity of the building suggests what used the building used to be earlier.

33-35 North Market Street :

The initial use of the building was a bank ‘Lancaster Trust Company’. Now it is the ‘Quilt Museum’. With the change in its utilitas came a change in its venustas. Earlier the front facade did not exist and one could see the barrel vault from afar. Today, that vault is set back with the addition of the ‘quilt museum’ entrance extending onto the road. However, the vault speaks of a Roman past of the Medici’s with an actual vault inside. Today, the glass facade suggest a modern addition to a 19th c. building reasserting the adaptive reuse of buildings.


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