Greist Tower, 8 N. Queen



The Greist tower has a trabeated construction. Made of steel, the building was built 14 stories tall with post and lintel type construction. This is common in the tall symmetrical nature of the skyscraper. This type of construction is evident if you notice the exterior of the wall between the upper windows. The windows from floor 2, 3rd story, all the way to the 13th floor are in perfect vertical and horizontal alignment. Within the windows are raised portions of the limestone which is evidence that the steel beams are present. The steel beams used in the post and lintel construction travel horizontally and vertically between the windows.


The Utilitas of the large skyscraper is evident from first look. The bottom floor is tall and open with large arched windows. Today, this floor houses the Bank of America. The open large floor is aesthetically pleasing to the people who travel by and makes people feel welcome. The 2 story bottom floor is also important in housing the large bank inside. Above the first floor are 12 floors of symmetric windows that are tinted and unviewable by the outer public. These windows which suggest multiple rooms house many offices for important utility companies in lancaster. The size and simple symmetric construction of the skyscraper has great use housing firms needing many offices located near each other.


The Greist Tower, being the only skyscraper and tallest building in Lancaster, has an importance to the city that must be upheld and displayed through its aesthetic beuty. From first look at the tower, other than its size, most people notice the huge 12 foot arched windows on the first floor of the building. These buildings provide an open and welcome feel to walker-bys. Also, the round arches display power and size as represented by the Romans in earlier years. Additionally, most of the exterior is constructed of limestone. The light beij color of the limestone is easy on the eyes and I believe has a nice pleasing appearance. Another part of the tower that is quickly noticed by the public is the detail and artwork above the first floor. Above the large 2 story first floor is a ledge with flower type artwork carved into the exterior. Above the first floor, less beauty and mor business is evident in the construction except for the last 2 floors. The 12th and 13th floors are made of a different material and has ledges above and below the 2 floors. Additionally, the windows are different from the office styled below and are more aesthetically pleasing. This is expected as the height of the building allows for these 2 floors to be seen from many points in Lancaster.


Elevation Plan:


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