19-35 E. King St. and Courthouse


19-21 E. King St. This building is a new addition to the block and houses a subway on the first level and offices on the second story. The design is very current-times and neat. The use of red brick to flank the storefront gives the building a sophisticated appearance. Glass extends the length of the building for maximization of sunlight.


23 E. King St. This building is out dated and the exterior beholds a 70’s style design. The building has black sheet metal, concrete and glass windows with no signage or aesthetic design. The conclusion that this building is strictly used for office space can confidently be made.


25-27 E. King St. This building is interesting in that there are relatively no windows and the face of the building is a wall of concrete. There aren’t any doors at least through the front and at the top of the structure there appears to be vents. This building is some type of ventilation or utilities for the rest of the block.


29-35 E. King St. This is the second largest property on the block. It has seen renovations since the original construction and utilizes red brick for a neat but attractive appearance. There is a store on the first level that has large glass windows that allow for natural sunlight and a view into the store from the street. There are offices upstairs that each have windows and on the third floor there are small extensions that extend from the building. They are made of glass and add another dimension of design to the building.


Courthouse. The Courthouse is a beautiful building that has seen multiple additions but has maintained its old world design and craftsmanship. A large sweeping set of stairs lead up to the buildings entrance that is adorned with arches and large pillars. These architectural facets give the building a sense of power, respect and tradition. The metal dorm on the roof sets the building apart from the industrial and commercial properties around the courthouse. There is ashlar masonry all along the building and an overall superb attention to detail in the stone and glass.



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