Jennie Pott’s Building


Utilitas: This building was created for a purpose. There was a need for there to be a commercial building put right off of Penn Square, close enough to attract walking crowds but far enough that it would have it’s own identity. There are few secondary spaces, as the builder needed to conserve space because he couldn’t go too far off the road. Thus, almost the whole building is primary space, and a divisive plan was definitely used because of the regular, more symmetrical shape.

Firmitas: This building stays true to the adage that form fits function. The commercial nature of this building led the architect to divide the building in two sections, made obvious by the symmetrical windows and shop displays. The main structure of the building is trabeated, as the split-nature and square windows attest. This gives the building more of a boxy shape, instead of the arcing shapes that arcuated structures have.

Venustas: This building was made more formally than informally. It spread out evenly from the angle of approach, and is symmetrical from the centerline with window bays and decals. The sculptures are symmetrical as well, with one in the center and one on either side of the double windows. The venustas of this building was based very much around the location and size of the building. Being so close to Penn Square, the architect needed a building that would stand out but would not overshadow the Watt and Shand Thus, it could not really be a picturesque building, but one that is more wonderful because of its simplicity


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