First Block of East King Street


7 East King Street

This building’s venustas is based around a divisive firmitas. The symmetrical layout of the windows for all the floors suggests the spaces between them are necessary to hold up the structure, while the arcuated windows on the bottom help put that pressure onto the supports. The white paint used on the windows and shutters makes them stand out against the brick walls, which are laid with the Flemish bond.

15 East King Street

This building is laid with the same Flemish bond as 7 East King Street, but this building has many more arcuated windows and structures. It appears as though the top of building is more arcuated than the bottom, which seems to follow a trabeated structure. This building is very American in style, slightly boxy but tapering towards the top. The arced windows provide the illusion of eyes staring at you, and this was probably a conscious decision by the architect. This structure goes all the way back through the area that used to be the warehouse, and it appears as though those addresses have been combined. The side of the building has the same high windows, but the tops of these windows are flat indicating a trabeated support system instead of the arcuated one used on the previous address. The Flemish brick is consistent with the entire structure all the way to the alley that defines this block, and the thick brick supports show how strong they must be to hold up the whole building. There are also large concrete blocks above each support, but I believe this is just an artistic choice instead of a structural one. The off-white concrete gives flavor to the Flemish brick, and also makes the building


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