Reilly Bros and Raub



This building was designed to bring costumers into a shop, but also house offices above to allow for a small business to thrive and bring new business.  The building also stands out aesthetically on the block, this is yet another feature that allows the building to attract new customers and create new business. The arc style used at the bottom of the store right above the display cases is built with a refined stone that resembles both excellence and tradition. One of the most prominent factors of the building is its ability to stand out and have an almost highlighted effect on the block. The highlight effect is demonstrated by the use of bright colored bricks around the building to create a visual that can’t be ignored.


The building is primarily built out of stone on the front side, but structurally the inside was supported by iron. The stone trimming on the front of the building was most likely not an actual support system, but rather the result of aesthetics. The top portion of the building houses slates of windows, which are supported by two beams.  These beams do not act as support, at least the view from the outside of those pillars don’t.  But, behind those pillars is the support system, which would either be iron or wood. Overall the support system is hard to derive from just the picture and a sand-born map would need to be used to determine the exact firmitas and its function within the building.


This building combines both a European aspect and a modern American aspect into a new form of architecture. These types of buildings were built in the 1900s and resembled America’s break from the classic architectural style to define a new American style. Although the American style has changed throughout the years, this still stands today and provides for a very unique perspective within the block. The European style can be seen at the top portion of the building around the roof, which is embedded with stylistic figures. As one moves down the building, the American style starts to manifest itself thus showing the architectural significance.


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