Theodore Appel tomb


The most significant figure represented on my tombstone was Theodore Appel D.D. His name, along with his wife’s, Susan Burton Wolff Appel, is engraved on one of the large sides of the tomb. Theodore Appel was born in 1823 in Easton, Pennsylvania. He attended Marshall College where he received his degree in 1842. Upon his graduation, Appel attended the German reformed church seminary in Mercersburg, PA. He completed and graduated from the seminary in 1845. Appel went on to become a professor of mathematics and mechanical philosophy at Marshall College in 1850. This was until Marshall College merged with Franklin College in 1853. Appel moved to Lancaster and became a part of the first faculty of Franklin and Marshall College. During his tenure as a professor at F&M, Appel taught mathematics, physics, and astronomy. Additionally, he served as the school librarian from 1853 to 1874. In 1877 he was appointed General Superintendent of the Home Missions of the Reformed Church. He additionally became the editor of the “Reformed Missionary Herald” and then the “Reformed Church Messenger.” There was little information about Theodore’s wife, Susan, except that she was a good housewife and there is a special collection of written pieces by her in the Franklin and Marshall archives. The two lived in what is now the Huegal Alumni House, used today as the Art office building. Theodore and Susan had 4 children, 2 of whom are also engraved on the tombstone. On one side, Bernard Wolff Appel, son of Theodore and Susan, is engraved into the tomb. If analyzed closely you can see that Bernard lived a short life, dying at age 9 of an illness. Dughter, Charlotte Wolff Appel, has her name engraved on the opposite side of brother Bernard. Charlotte has the most current engraving having died and been buried as late as 1940.

Both of the Children on the tomb were named after Susan’s Parents, Bernard and Charlotte Wolff. Bernard and Charlotte Wolff are the last 2 names that can be seen on the tombstone. Their names are engraved on the opposite side of Theodore and Susan and are the original owners of the tombstone. Due to the year in which Bernard Wolff died, the oldest death on the tomb, we can predict that this tomb was created around the year of 1860.



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