Frederick Coonley tombstone


Although it was a bit difficult for us to find a lot of specific information on Frederick Coonley, we were able to piece together a bit of his history through his bloodline and we found a close match with a person that resembled the dates on our tombstone.

Frederick W. Coonley (the Second) lived on the corner of Charlotte Street and Harrisburg pike, approximately in 351 W James.  He was born July 14th, 1830 and died September 1, 1879 at the age of 49.  He was a brick manufacturer who later sold his plant to a Mr. Poutz, but even after the sale, he continued to engage in contracting and building.  Up until his death, Frederick owned a large amount of real estate.  He was married twice, first to Johanna Oxford and again after her death to Susan Emore (of Reading, PA).  To our knowledge, he had one son, Frederick W. Coonley (the third) who later on moved to reading and established a bakery and a smoked meat business and ended up becoming a successful business man.

Domi Fils-Aime & Melissa Doherty


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