Sean Cosgriff, Mother Dorothea Tombstone Bio


Mother Dorothea was buried with her husband Adam Dorothea.  She was also buried with her two  sisters Margaret Dorwart and Elizabeth Dorwart.  This could tell us that the husbands family was not that wealthy and thus could not afford a separate head stone.  Besides those facts not much else is known about Mother Dorothea, her first name isn’t even on the head stone just.  Also the dates of her birth and death are too weathered to read, but the fashion in which she was  and other members of her family buried tell us that she did not come from wealth, yet her family was able to pull  together enough money to buy a nice head stone.  After further research one of her sons was a private in the military for the Marines.  This evidence backs up my assumption about the status of the family.  Regardless to these facts everything else found was very obscure and couldn’t help explain the life of mother Dorothea any more.

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