West King Street 2-24


2 West Kings Street (From 1929-1912-1891-1886)

-At first this building was a bank that took up the entire building.  Yet, as time progressed from 1886 this bank in this building became less of a bank and a liquor store moved into the back portion.  This building never grew in size and remained consistent through these range of dates.  In 1929 this became a restaurant and bar.  Overall the building never changed in structure and or shape, it remained a brick building through all of these dates with 4 floors and a cinder block backing to the building.

3 West King Street (From 1929-1912-1891-1886)

This building was fairly recent in this plot of dates and originated in 1912 and was built as a lodging/ or a hotel.   In 1929 this building grew rapidly in size, almost tripling itself and became the Stone Furniture Store and Company that stretched the entire block.  It was one of the first buildings to have an elevator placed within it, which was able to go through four stories of the building.

6-8 West King Street (From 1929-1912-1891-1886)

-This building started earlier as a lodge for travelers it also seemed to be one of the first buildings in 1886 to have skylights placed within it.  This building was then used as furniture store and the area grew dramatically so as to house the different types of furniture.   Then during 1891 this buildings became a jewelry store from London and the skylights still remained.  After this transformation this store was then abolished by 1929.

8-10 West King Street (From 1929-1912-1891-1886

In the 1886, this building was home to London jewelry.  After this the building was transformed into a biography theater and expanded by nearly fifty percent to allow more room for the venue. In 1912 this remained the same brick building with five floors.  Then in 1912 this changed to the Lancaster Intelligencer.

12  West King Street (From 1929-1912-1891-1886)

-At first this was also a jewelry store with an affiliation to London.  This was then abolished in 1891 and then in 1912 a larger building was constructed to allow room for a furniture store.  This then became a three-floor furniture store that was mostly brick.

16-18 West King Street (From 1929-1912-1891-1886)

– This building at this address in 1886 was very hard to read but it existed but covered a very small area compared to the other buildings around it.  After this building a bakery moved into this zone and the building grew by about 40 percent in 1891.   This then grew again by 50 percent and became a piano and organ store.  This remained the same in 1929 and became brick covered 5-story building.

22-20 West King Street (From 1929-1912-1891-1886)

-This address started out as a brewery as the year progressed it slowly became a drug store in 1891.  After this transformation the building remained the same.  Then in 1929 the building grew to four stories gained an addition to the back of the building.  In 1929 the building also gained a iron clade frame, while a warehouse was built behind it for iron.

24 West King Street (From 1929-1912-1891-1886)

-At this address a building was constructed, yet in 1886 it remained unused.  This held true until 1891 when it became a music repair shop, but then in 1912 this building remained unused.  Then in 1929 it remained unnamed on the master chart but skylights were added and the building was expanded by fifty percent and soon stretch the length of the entire block.


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