North Queen Street 2-30


North Queen Street
Domi Fils-Aime

(N/B= Not built yet)
Note: All buildings as of 1929 were Tile Construction

2 N. Queen
Present: Bank of America branch (shared with Griest Building)
1929; stripped to make way for the Griest building built in 1924
1912; Became 4 North Queen and a local unknown shop
1891; Became Barber and Oysters Clothing. Also became 0 and 2 North Queen Street
1886: Split with 4 N. Q. street, was Hirsh & Bro clothing

8 N Queen
Present: W.W. Griest Building
1929; Griest Building historic skyscraper and the second tallest building in Lancaster, built in 1924- 1925 by C. Emlen Urban. It is a fourteen story building, made of Stone, Steel and concrete. It is considered a “beaux arts/classical revival office building,” and was built to house the Conestoga Traction Company, the Edison Electric Company and the Lancaster Gass Light and Fuel Company (466). The outer skin is predominantly made of Indiana Limestone with a granite base. The interior spaces have been altered over the years
1912; Notions was replaced with a Candy Factory
1891: Notions Photo Shop
1886: Split with 6 N.Q., local Notions Photo Shop.

10 N. Queen
Present: My Place Pizza Parlor, with a green and white awning, yet the building remains the same as it did from 1929.
1929; the ornamentation on the store front was removed
1912; same structure as 1891, but store became unknown.
1891; the first floor was altered by an addition of a modern store front. Continued to be a Drug store.
1886: constructed between 1865-1880. 3 ½ stories, made of bay brick. Originally a Drug store.

12 N. Queen
Present: Address stripped/ solely 10 N Queen
1929; Same as 1920
1912; Finally became 12 N. Queen, store unknown.
1891; Same as 1886
1886: (shared same building with 10 N Queen, but was not an acknowledged address)

14 N. Queen
Present: American Male, a full service salon for guys
1929; Same as 1912
1912; The original storefront was replaced
1891; Became a Business College and Lodge (initials B&S)
1886: First built. Three stories with an elaborate pediment at the roof line, with terra cotta 1886. Built as a resale/rental property for the Long family

16 N. Queen
Present: N/A
1929; Same as 1912 and 14. N Queen.
1912; Original Store front was replaced
1891; Became a Business College and Lodge (initials B&S)
1886: Shared a building with 14 N. Queen. Same properties and usage.

18 – 22 N. Queen
Present: Continues to be Shaub’s Shoe store. Three stories, flat roof, a large window on the second floor and a two bay section added to the North side.
1929; Same as 1891
1912; Same as 1891
1891; B&S was taken away, leaving 18-22 N. Queen to be Shaub’s shoe store.
1886: All three addresses shared the same building, including 24 N. Queen. Was a Shaub’s Shoe Store and for a short period of time an extension of B&S. Shaub’s was founded in 1880 and is one of Lancaster’s oldest family business still conducted on the original site.

24 N. Queen
Present: Appears to be only two stories, and now holds Ric’s Bread shop.
1929; Marble was added to the storefront
1912; Stripped of it’s previous interiors and became an unknown shop.
1891; Became a Piano store.
1886: shared a building with 18-22 N. Queen and was an extension of B&S

26 N. Queen
Present: Became known as Details (possibly could be same shop since 1886) in which they sell home interior
1929; Unknown shop, but reinforced with iron posts.
1912; Became an unknown shop
1891; Became a clothing shop (26-28)
1886: Shared a building with 26, 28 and 30 N Queen. 26-28 known as D&S Shop (purpose unknown)

30 N. Queen
Present: Photography Store
1929; remains unknown, reinforced with iron posts.
1912; Stripped of previous store and became unknown.
1891; Continued to be a jewelry store
1886: Jewelry Store


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