North Market Street 33-51, West Orange 26


N.Queen, W.Orange Street and N. Market Street

These three streets are occupied by long horizontal buildings stretching from one block to another.

26 – West Orange Street

This building first appears on the map of 1886 at the intersection of West Orange and North Market street. The 1886-1912 plan shows the 3 storied building to be divided in two unequal parts. However, the 1929 plan does not represent a dividing wall in its plan. A home decor shop ‘Pappagallo’ occupies it.

51- North Market Street

The dimensions of this space have remained the same since it appeared first on the map of 1886. However, a tobacco company sign first appears on the map of 1891. Over the years, in 1912, it becomes a cigar factory and in 1929 becomes a garage. The building remains a two stories structure since 1886.

49, 43 – North Market Street (44 – 50 N. Queen Street)

Through the years between 1886 and 1897, there appears to be a gap between the building walls of 51 North Market and 49 North Market street. However, looking at the 1929 map, the gap has been covered by extension of 49 N Market street. In 1891, the building appears to be functioning as a tobacco factory called, ‘C.G.Herr’. Subsequently the C.G. Herr was taken over by ‘Reilly Bro’s and Raub Wholesale and Retail Hardware’. The building took over 43 N Market and in order had a bigger store as it extended through the block to 44 N Queen- 50 N Queen street.

33, 35 – North Market Street

This building first appears in the map of 1886 under the name, ‘liver’, found at the intersection of W. Grant and N. Market street. In 1897, it was called the Germania Turnverain Building and is still four stories high. Further in 1929, the building functioned as a printing company on the first and second floor and as a storage on the fourth floor.


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