North Market Street 30


30 –  North Market Street

The present Central Market building was designed by James Warner in 1889.  The Romanesque Revival building features magnificent brick and stone work.  The 1886 maps of downtown reveal two separate buildings where the current Central Market stands.  The function was still meant to be an open space where farmers and others could sell their produce and crafts.  Since then, there  has been almost no structural changes to the building itself.

Venustas of Central Market

The venustas starts with the complicated roof design.  The horizontal hipped roof includes two cross gabled intersected rooftops.  The two main entrances are covered with this gable roof concept .  On the North Market Street side, the dormer windows are set out of the roof in an attempt to allow more light to pass through.  The mixture of trabeated and arcuated systems allows this Romanesque Revival building to serve multiple functions.  The tower serves as a land marker for downtown Lancaster.  The recessed arches set up the three entrances on the N. Market St. side.  This surface allows a sense of the thickness of the brick outer wall.  The varying colored brick  set in common bonds covers the whole facade.  The large scale is need for the functions of the building.  However, the scale is segmented and reduced with the pilasters and raised windows.


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