Conrad Gast (1800-1884) Tombstone


Conrad Gast, father of Amos C., Mary Miley, and Catharine Hart, left a widow, Harriet Gast, when he died on December 10th, 1884.   He was 84 years of age when he passed away.  His first wife, Catherine S., died at the young age of 28 on August 26th, 1847.  He then later remarried to Harriet who, as a widow, requested to plead her case as the dower of his estate.  Harriet died August 3rd, 1890.  Both Catherine and Harriet are buried to the left and right of Conrad’s tomb.  All three graves are identical, so it must be assumed that they were constructed when Conrad died in 1884.

Sources Used:

The Lancaster Law Review, “Estate of Conrad Cast.” Lancaster: Inquirer Printing, 1886. 89-90. Google books. Web. 30 Jan. 2012


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