Brother John Dorwart: 1816- 1877


This tombstone belongs to members of the Dorwart family. The Dorwart’s are a big family, all born and raised in Lancaster. One of the names of the tombstone reads “Brother John Dorwart”.  John Dorwart was born on September 10, 1816 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He died on December 7, 1882 in Lancaster. This tombstone also belongs to other members of the Dorwart family, including Mother Dorwart, Isabel Dorwart, and Margret Dorwart. We were unable to decipher the dates due to the condition of the tombstone. After more research I found another member of the Dorwart family, Charles Dorwart. Charles Dorwart was a member of the US Marine Corps. There was a lot of mystery around his death. His family and much of the Lancaster community were not certain of when or how he died, due to a military accident.

3-D model of Dorwart Tombstone



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