Appel-Wolff Tombstone


Appel- Wolff tombstone:

The tombstone I was assigned for my project belongs to Theodore Appel and his wife Susan Wolff. This happily married couple shared four wonderful children; two of them appear on the same gravestone as the mother and father. Their youngest son, Bernard Wolff is located on the left side of the tombstone, and their daughter Charlotte Wolff is located on the right side.

Theodore Appel was born on April, 30th 1823. He was one of thirteen in his family coming from a German and British Origin. When Theodore was eight years old he earned a degree from Marshall College in the year 1842. In 1850 he became a pastor of the Reformed church in Mercersburg and a professor of both Mathematics and philosophy at Marshall College. The school was then moved to Lancaster to form a union with Franklin College.  Theodore moved to Lancaster soon to become a faculty member of the new Franklin and Marshall College. Throughout his career, Theodore published numerous book and texts, Dr. Appel also received a doctor’s degree from the University of Penn.

Susan Wolff was born on April 14, 1854. Susan was a housewife in Lancaster while Theodore took on his teaching occupation at Franklin and Marshall College. F&M is in possession of a diary that belonged to Susan constructing stay at home mothers how to be a great housewife. The diary includes various writings and newspaper articles on how to be a good housewife. The book also included many culinary recipes for mothers to carry on to their families. Susan was the mother of four lovely children Charlotte, Elizabeth, Bernard and Theodore.


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