6-28 East Orange Street


For this exercise, I was assigned the city block along East Orange Street, between North Queen Street and North Christian Street. This included 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, and 28 East Orange Street.


6-10 East Orange St. (corner of East Orange St. and North Queen St.)

1886: Bookstore

1891: 6 East Orange St. – Tailor; 8-10 East Orange St. – Cigar Store.

1912: 6 East Orange St. -Dentist Office (Hill Dental Co, Jacob C. Bolton propr/Ralph W. Mellinger, dentist.); 8 East Orange St. – Jeweler (Eugene H. Keller); 10 East Orange St. – Real Estate Office (De Haven & Butts), Lancaster Machine and Structure Works, Chamber of Commerce: Lancaster Leaf Tob Board of Trade/Lancaster Leaf Tob Growers Association.

1925: Stores

Present: Rite Aid

12-16 East Orange St.

1886: Drug Store

1891: Drug Store (same as 1886)

1912: 12 East Orange St. – Tailor and Postal Telegraph Cable Company; 14 East Orange St. – Art Store: Darmstaetter’s Photo Supplies; 16 East Orange St. – United States Express Company; By this time, a third story was added to the building, and the upper two floors of all three street addresses (12, 14 and 16 East Orange St.) consisted of offices.

1925: 12 East Orange St. – Office; 14 East Orange St. – Store with offices on the upper levels; 16 East Orange St. – Store with offices on the upper floors.

Present:  Restaurant with office spaces on upper floors.

18-22 East Orange St.

1886: Horse Collar Factory

1891:  Carpet Factory

1912: Meeting hall; On other floors: 18 East Orange St. – Dentist (W.H. Lowell) and Apartments (Bair & Witmer); 20 East Orange St. – Apartments (Hupper Apartments); 22 East Orange St. – Residence of J.K. Baer.

1925: Stores; Apartment flats on the upper floors.

Present: Store

Four Story, four bay brick Colonial Revival commercial building; flat roof with brick parapet; keystoned lintels; tapestry brick in common bond; present storefront added c. 1960, replaces original storefront.

24 East Orange St.

Built in 1870

1886: Drug Store

1891: Drug Store (same as 1886)

1912: Opticians Office (Rues & Crawford)

1925: Store

Present: Cell Phone Retailer; Office spaces on upper floors.

Two story, three bay brick house; corbelled cornice; first floor altered by non-original storefront.

26-28 East Orange St.

1886: Synagogue

1891: Synagogue (same as 1886)

1912: Dance Hall and Theatre. At this time, 26-28 East Orange St. was expanded further down North Christian St., presumably to make room for the stage shown in that location, on the 1912 map.

1925: Orange Street Opera House

Present: Orange Street Opera House

Two story, three bay golden brick opera house (offices); flat roof; encircling balustrade at roofline; modillioned cornice; round arched double windows on second floor with terra cotta and pressed metal trim; first floor has been altered by “colonial” windows added in 1975; built on site of a synagogue.


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