Mary M. Gerhart Tomb, Lancaster Cemetery


Mary M. Gerhart was born in 1824 and died in 1866. Her first husband was Frederick S Hunter and after his death in 1863 she married Emanuel Vogel Gerhart in 1965. Her Three children from her first marriage, Nicholas R Hunter, Leonora H Leaf, and Mary H Pusey survived her.

Emanuel Gerhart served as the first president of Franklin & Marshall College from 1855-1866. During this time he also taught moral philosophy. I found a very interesting compilation of addresses given at the inauguration of Emanuel Gerhart. A passage from the speech of Gerhart sheds a little light on how radically different the college was in 1885. Gerhart said “the highest revelation of undoubted truth is at hand, in the person of Jesus Christ, who sustains an internal relation to all departments of science”. This quote displays the heavy emphasis on religion and theology at the beginning of the college.

Additionally, he was a graduate of the class of 1838 and served as the president of Heidelberg College and Mercersburg Theological Seminary. Notably, he raised $100,000 for Franklin & Marshall College and helped further its development.  Prior to marrying Mary, Emanuel had a prior marriage with Eliza Richenbaugh who died in 1964. After Mary Gerharts’ death Emanuel married Lucille Cobb in 1875 who survived him.


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